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BI - M

These are flame-tube two-pass boilers, with a water wall furnace and a tubular fixed grid. Intended for the generation of between 500 and 7000 kg/h of saturated steam, with a pressure of up to  10 kgf/cm², they obtain a fuel efficiency of up to 35%. Solid, liquid, gas or other approved combustibles may be used.

Technical Information

• Steam producing capacity: 500 to 6000 kg/h.
• Maximum steam pressure: 10 kgf/cm².

Boiler construction:
• Electric panel with engine protection;
• Water level indicator;
• Security valve, steam escape valve, exhaust valve, retention valve;
• Water pump;
• Manual injector;
• Gas exhaust system controlled by a frequency inverter;
• Tubular fixed grid with water circulation.

Basic automation:
• Gas flow regulation through a modulating frequency inverter;
• Water level control;
• Pressure control.

• Wood;
• Peels;
• Diesel;
• Biodiesel;
• BPF;
• GLP;
• Rice husks;
• Natural gas;
• Biogas;
• Other approved combustibles.

• Modulating water control;
• Bottom discharge valve;
• Water reserves;
• Multicyclone filter;
• Automatic exhaust valves.




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